Hello! I’m Carla. Dubbed Real Life Wonder Woman by family and friends alike several years ago, my stories of adventures, arts, culture, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things can be found on Huffington Post


But let me start by sharing where it all began. My first visit to the Emerald City—Seattle, WA— occurred in 2000.


Captivated with the views, culture, and food, I immediately knew the Pacific Northwest would become my home someday. After more than a decade of service as a music teacher, it was time for a change in career and scenery and in 2007, I took a leap of faith and made my first cross-country drive from Texas to Washington.  


From teaching artist and radio DJ, to history and culinary Tour Guide, to Concierge, I’ve gleaned a variety of information expanding my knowledge of this incredible city over the last thirteen years. And in my free time, I’m usually found hiking the woods of the Pacific Northwest. So, it makes sense that I recently began working with ROAM Beyond, providing individuals with exclusive, sustainable, and eco-friendly glamping experiences that are off the grid. Nature is my place to unwind, reset, and unplug. 


Recently, on Christmas Eve of 2019, I was diagnosed with appendix cancer—a rare disease affecting approximately 1-2 cases per 1 million individuals. And through honoring this journey, I find my relationship with nature deepening. I believe that my love for the outdoors and adhering to traditional medicines are shedding light on my role in the grand cycle of life, helping greatly with my overall physical health, and allowing me to live authentically. 


That includes supporting those going through a journey similar to my own, living and thriving with cancer. If this is you, I’m eager to connect and hear about your personal journey as well as learn more about the type of healing you’re leaning into moving forward.


Traveling to the area? I’d love to connect with you as well! I am an advocate of off-the-beaten path and curating one-of-a-kind experiences for visitors. Because while guidebooks are good, local is better! And with my connections and local expertise, my goal is simple: to introduce you to Pacific Northwest culture in a new and meaningful way. I look forward to meeting you.

carla moreno