• carla moreno

Ancient Lakes

Wow! Who knew there was a desert oasis out in Eastern Washington? Well, there is and you should get out there and explore!

A two and a half hour drive to Quincy from Seattle, Ancient Lakes is a result of lava flows by glacial waterfloods. This desert landscape has lakes, waterfalls, wildflowers, and towering basalt cliffs.

It’s a relatively flat hike until you arrive at the head of a coulee. If you want to go down to the lakes, be prepared for a challenging scree slope. It’s completely doable, but if you’re not going to continue your trek (approximately 6-12 miles depending on varying trails) around the lakes, remember you have to come back up.

There’s no shade on this hike, so bring a hat and plenty of water and keep and eye out for rattlesnakes!

Fees/Permits: Discover Pass.

Read recent trail reports: Washington Trails Association (WTA)

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