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Here's The Sizzle!

Seattle Hot Chicken is the new craze. Okay, it’s really Nashville Hot Chicken, but it’s here in Seattle and quite the surprise find!

Just across from Boeing Field in the Georgetown neighborhood is the quaint and quirky Sisters and Brothers. Serving some wicked hot chicken, this is the perfect place for late night diners and those wanting to challenge their love of spice.

Hot chicken is a type of fried chicken that originated in Nashville, TN. The preparation of the dish can vary, but the two key ingredients are lard and cayenne pepper. Typically served on top of white bread and pickle chips, this is a staple down South. Nashville's famous restaurant, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack owned by the family of Andre Prince Jeffries, is known be the originator of hot chicken and considered the best.

Legend has it that the dish was meant to be a ‘revenge breakfast’ served to the family’s great uncle, Thornton Prince III who was quite the ladies man. His lover, unamused with his late night escapades, decided to cook him a fried chicken breakfast with extra pepper as revenge. Instead of keeling over in pain, Thornton liked it so much that he perfected the recipe and opened up the restaurant.

Here in Seattle, Sisters and Brothers is a family affair and I love dive bars with good food. I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite ready for the ‘insane’ spice level, but ‘hot’ was good enough to keep some frozen toilet paper nearby.

Simple and unassuming, it’s a welcome bit of Southern Hospitality here in the Northwest. It reminds me of home. And while I can’t tolerate the scorching temperatures of the South, I can take the heat in my food!

Are you a Pyro-Gourmaniac? Then Sisters and Brothers is the place for you. They’re open Tues-Sunday 11am-10pm with brunch served on Sat-Sun 10am -2:45pm.

Sisters and Brothers

1128 South Albro Place

Seattle, WA 98108


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