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Native Perspectives On Sasquatch

Artist: Roger Fernandes

Humans have a tendency to categorize their thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. Different cultures treat realities in different ways. What is real for me, may not be real for you. Some people laugh at my belief in Bigfoot - a hairy humanoid creature that roams the forests of the Pacific Northwest. While I've never seen a Sasquatch, in my heart, I believe they are real.

As a child, my father told me stories of 'El Sisimite', a creature in the mountains of Honduras similar to North America's Bigfoot. He personally knew three sisters that saw this creature on a few occasions when they worked the fields on the weekends.

Artist: Roger Fernandes

Some people consider these creatures monsters. Others, view them more as Forest People here to protect the land. For the Native Americans - Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Dzoonokwa - is an extension of the real world with many levels of significance and should be treated with great respect.

The White River Valley Museum in Auburn has a small exhibit called SASQUATCH: Ancient Native Perspectives on the Mysterious Beings of the Woods . There are four audio stories from as far back as 1880 told by Native elders. I was particularly happy to see my old friend and member of Lower Elwha Band of the S’Klallam Indians, Roger Fernandes as the artist for the exhibit. In addition, there are Native masks, maps, and a trait analysis of these mysterious beings from more than a dozen Northwest native tribes!

Whether you believe in Sasquatch or not, this is a fun exhibit to enjoy on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Peruse the rest of the museum and learn more about the Native Peoples and the days of the first white settlers.

White River Valley Museum

918 H St SE, Auburn, WA 98002 253-288-7433 Hours: Wed-Sun

$5 donation http://www.wrvmuseum.org

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