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The Oregon Bigfoot Adventure

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the word Sasquatch or Bigfoot is common jargon around these parts. From television commercials and souvenirs, to museums and festivals, Pacific Northwesterners love anything and everything BIGFOOT!

In recent months, I’ve made a few jaunts down to Oregon for some Sasquatch fun after learning about Bigfoot-themed tourist activities opening up in the Portland area.

Want to go in search of Sasquatch?

Want to see real artifacts?

Maybe you just want to learn what this Bigfoot phenomenon is all about?

Lucky for you, I’m a Concierge and my recent Oregon Bigfoot Adventure is a great way to get introduced to the Bigfoot community.

Columbia Gorge Bigfoot Adventure Cruise

The fastest way to track Bigfoot is on a jet boat and the Columbia Gorge Bigfoot Adventure Cruise offered by Portland Spirit Cruises, is just the ticket.

Departing from Salmon Springs dock in downtown Portland, this open-air jet boat takes you on a journey through the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in search of our hairy friend.

Led by a team of fun and quirky tour guides, you’ll hear interviews from eye-witnesses, see real artifacts, and stop at major Bigfoot sightings along the Columbia Gorge.

In addition, learn why Portland is nicknamed Bridge City, listen to Portland’s Mayor give a short history on the building of the Bonneville Dam, and enjoy lunch and camaraderie with fellow Bigfoot aficionados at Cascade Locks.

Oh, and did I mention the stunning views? Don't forget your cameras and binoculars!

Tour narration provided by, Cliff Barackman.

North American Bigfoot Center

Right off Highway 26 and only a half hour drive from Portland is the town of Boring in Clackamas County, Oregon. An interesting name for a town for sure, but there’s nothing boring about Boring! This unincorporated community sits at the base of Mt. Hood and was named after William Harrison Boring, a pioneer who settled in the area in the 1870’s.

I find that small towns have the most interesting activities and points of interest like Boring's annual Boring and Dull day Celebration or the Not So Boring Bar and Grill, and now. . . wait for it. . . The North American Bigfoot Center!!

Seriously, this is a BIG deal! (no pun intended)

There are a few Bigfoot museums across the country, but none that are located in a major hotbed of activity. Clackamas County is the area with the highest number of Bigfoot sightings in the state of Oregon! And for those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, having the North American Bigfoot Center (NABC) in our own backyard, is quite a treat!

The brainchild of Cliff Barackman, this museum is owned and curated by Cliff and his wife, Melissa. Together, they’re quite the dynamic duo - Cliff, a TV personality and educator and Melissa, a TV producer and special effects make-up artist.

More than just a museum, NABC is an information center for all things Sasquatch. Learn basic facts about Bigfoot or dive deeper into the research with informational displays, rare artifacts, actual Bigfoot evidence, and historical documents.

Currently, the gift shop and exhibit gallery is open to the public, but construction is still in progress for the rest of the 3,400 sq. ft space. Cliff's larger vision for NABC includes an ever-expanding display area, a movie theater, community partnerships, special events, and more.

In the days I visited, I observed people of all ages express excitement, curiosity and willingness to share their personal Sasquatch experiences.

Want to compare your hand to a cast called, Goliath? Or check out beautiful Native American masks depicting various Bigfoot folklore? All that and so much more is right here in Boring, Oregon at the North American Bigfoot Center!

Oregon Bigfoot Festival

You just don’t know how much Oregonians love Bigfoot until you’ve attended the annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival. Held at the Glen Otto Park in Troutdale, Oregon (just minutes away from Portland and Boring), the festival is in its third year and the crowds keep growing!

Troutdale's history revolves around the meeting of the Sandy and Columbia Rivers.

These waterways were traveled by Chinook Indians, English Explorers, Hudson Bay fur trappers, and Lewis and Clark. Of course, I’d be remiss in not acknowledging the many Bigfoot sightings in the area as well.

The festival is family-friendly with food vendors, artists, radio hosts, top leading researchers, and of course, the Big Guy himself. There’s a conference portion for an additional fee that this year featured Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot”® .

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As I strolled throughout, I relished in the community spirit. Everyone smiling, taking pictures, and sharing stories. Good times with good folks. Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, Oregon’s Sasquatch fever is contagious. An easy road trip from Seattle and other nearby cities, it's a fun adventure for anyone!

I hope to make this a yearly ritual. Maybe you'll join me next time.

*For more information on the activities listed in my adventure, please read below:

Columbia Gorge Bigfoot Adventure Cruise

Salmon Springs dock

1000 SW Naito Parkway

Portland OR 97014

Cruises run from now through September 30th.

Two trip options available:

Full Trip 9am – 4pm ($98) Quick Trip 9am – 12:30pm ($43)

The North American Bigfoot Center

31297 SE Hwy 26

Boring, OR 97009


7 days a week, 10am - 6pm

Oregon Bigfoot Festival

(Glen Otto Park)

1102 E Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060

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