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Touring the Green Mile

The Green Mile, as it’s affectionately known in the Seattle cannabis community, is the stretch between the stadiums and the West Seattle bridge in the Industrial district of the city.

A pot lover's delight, it's here where you’ll find a plethora of dispensaries, cannabis growers, and concentrate manufacturers. In fact, some of Washington state’s largest pot producers are found within the Green Mile.

As a hotel Concierge, I get lots of questions regarding marijuana and while I’ve never smoked pot or had it in any other form, it’s my job to know some basic facts.

When I found out Show Me Seattle was introducing a new tour called, Herban Adventure, led my friend and tour guide, Leila Ali, I couldn’t pass up the chance to learn more.

*side note: This tour explores the behind-the-scenes of the cannabis industry in Seattle. If you’re looking for specifics regarding Washington State’s Marijuana laws, then please visit the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board website.


Next to the train tracks is a small warehouse that is home to a cannabis concentrate manufacturer called, Heylo.

Creating cannabis extracts as "close to the plant" as possible is Heylo's main focus.

A part of that process relies on selecting the highest quality full-bud cannabis from growers who practice sustainable farming methods including, farming free of pesticides. Heylo's commitment runs deep with farm visits, helping with harvest, and sampling. Lots of sampling.

Providing the best concentrates in the industry also means overseeing the entire plant's life-cycle, from extraction to post-processing.

Director of Marketing, Daniel Luebke, gave us a tour of the laboratory and explained all the chemistry involved in creating a marijuana masterpiece.

I was impressed with their transparency in their successes and failures. It's a learning experience for all involved and that's how the public comes to better understand and respect the cannabis industry and all it can do.

If you’re into vape pens, cannabis oils, or just a pot geek, you’ll want to check out Heylo’s extensive ‘playlist’ of strains, chock-full of laboratory results and terpene profiles.


An urban cannabis farm, Sky High Gardens operates the largest cultivation facility licensed by the State of Washington. Today, Sky High Gardens is a Tier 3 Producer, but years ago, they operated out of Lynnwood, Washington as a cooperative garden for medical marijuana patients. Other than pre-rolled joints, producing top quality flowers is Sky High Gardens’ only focus. No edibles. No concentrates.

With 30,000 square feet of space, Sky High Gardens harvests thousands of pounds of flower annually due to their perpetual harvest cycle - a result of indoor grow.

Director of Operations, Phil Seda, lives and breathes all things 'green'. Not only did he give us a snapshot of the growing process, he also shared his personal story of shifting careers long ago to follow this journey. Phil harbors a genuine happiness and desire to educate guests and help break the stigma that so often accompanies the cannabis industry.

It's quite endearing to witness all the love and attention towards these little green lovelies. A small batch producer is going to do things the ole’ fashioned way, like hand water plants and hand trim buds. Now that’s dedication.


No cannabis tour would be complete without seeing all this science and farming in its final form. The product.

Seattle’s premier pot shop, Ganja Goddess offers more strains, edibles, and concentrates than any pot shop in Washington state.

I wasn’t allowed to photograph the inside of the shop, but you’ll have to trust me on this one, it’s cool and the staff know their stuff. Bonus, they sell the very products made by Heylo, Sky High Gardens, and many more. A perfect example of small businesses supporting each other.

Whether you’re a cannabis aficionado or a cannabis virgin, like me, Show Me Seattle’s, Herban Adventure provides a safe, educational, and fun-filled opportunity to learn about Seattle’s burgeoning cannabis culture.

Tours are $99 with a pick-up in front of Wells Fargo near Westlake Center.

There's partner rotations throughout the week:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Sky High Gardens, Heylo & Ganja Goddess

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Dawg Star, Craft Elixir & The Bakeréé

For more information, please visit SHOW ME SEATTLE: HERBAN ADVENTURE

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