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Under The Stars Bubble Tent Adventure

An hour and half drive from Seattle, south of Hoodsport and just off highway 101 is the unincorporated community of Potlatch in Mason County, Washington. There’s one road less than a mile long connecting all the neighbors. Tucked back into the woods and within walking distance from the Hood Canal, you’ll find a large piece of land surrounded by trees with views of vast open sky.

An abandoned convenience store sits at the front of the property with a small house that once belonged to a Skokomish tribal woman. Today, it’s an Airbnb called Under the Stars Bubble Tent and it’s run by the property’s new owner, Summer Blaze.

A bubble tent is exactly how it sounds - a tent in the shape of a bubble. For some, it may seem like an unusual way of camping, but having spent a few nights in one, I can assure you it’s an awesome experience.

When you visit Under the Stars, you’ll be greeted warmly by Summer and at your introduction, she’ll provide you with a map of nearby restaurants and hiking trails for you to explore. After a walk-through of the property, she quietly retreats to her house or takes a stroll with a neighbor.

Since time immemorial, these lands were inhabited by the Skokomish Tribe. Skokomish translates to “Big River People” and were primarily composed of Twana Indians, a Salishan people whose aboriginal territory encompassed the Hood Canal drainage basin. They relied heavily on fishing for their survival and to this day, tribal fishing operations sell their fresh catch during shrimp, crab, and salmon harvesting seasons.

Summer is well aware that she’s on Indian land and she’s felt their presence. Proper documentation of Indigenous Peoples and any other history is always hard to find, but she knows that the property is over 100 years old and the Skokomish Tribal woman owned the house that Summer resides in today and operated the convenience store with her husband.

Crafting an experience that honors the land and people who lived there before is what Summer’s Airbnb is all about. Not only is the entire property carefully laid out, everything is made from upcycled materials with a lot of heart and soul put into each creation.

Here, you’ll participate in keeping the land healthy. Be prepared to use a composting toilet and dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles. There’s a hammock for a lazy afternoon nap and an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ, propane stove and all the utensils and spices you’ll ever need.

Want a fresh salad? Just walk a few yards to her circular garden and pick the vegetables you’d like. You can choose to take an outdoor shower or take a dip in her eco-tub. Either way, no soap or shampoo is allowed as all this water drains into the Hood Canal or her flower beds.

When you talk to Summer, you feel her strong empathetic energy almost immediately. She is a former Drug Counselor, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and mother of two grown daughters. With every self-reinvention came a new life story. It’s quite fun to have conversations with Summer. She’s damn intuitive and listens carefully. For Summer, Under the Stars is a part of her life journey with each minute detail guided by the Skokomish woman.

photo by summer blaze

photo by summer blaze

I was happy to have my good friend Alyssa join me on this trip. We had so much fun meeting up with Summer, drinking wine, and cooking a nice meal. Alyssa and I took turns sitting in the new eco-tub filled with fresh rose petals. The cool water felt so good after being out in the hot hazy summer day.

After Summer retired to bed, Alyssa and I sat in the dark in that quiet space that is our minds and the woods. Identifying the constellations at night and watching shooting stars from the bubble tent is one of the delightful reasons to stay here. In the mornings, the sun rising over the trees offers a magical welcome to the day. I’ve had many positive Airbnb experiences but when I visit Under the Stars, I feel a true sense of peace and calmness.

Living in city, these moments of respite from the noise are crucial. This land has a powerful lure - its story is sacred. Perhaps the reason I feel a sense of ease. People from all over the world stay at Under the Stars Bubble Tent and all have a 5 STAR experience. As for me, I’ll be returning soon.

Come with an open mind and allow yourself to live simply and naturally. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

For more information, please visit: Under the Stars Bubble Tent

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